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Visionary Spotlight: John Glon

John Glon’s professional success in creating Great Lake Essential Power (Electrical Manufacturer’s Representative firm) in 2014 opened the doors to unexpected personal revelations. As he began integrating the EOS philosophy into his work life and then iMatter into his entire life, visionary doors began to open. John has been living what many would believe to be the dream by accomplishing entrepreneurial success and balancing life at home in Northville, MI with his wife Colleen, four children (Brady, Avery, Murphy, and Henry) and dog Sophie. As he navigates the art of being, and leading from his heart, John is now pursuing something more. And he wants to let you in on some of the secrets he has discovered. John has unlocked his Working Genius as well as the geniuses of those around him. Personal relationships and professional dynamics have been turned upside down. Be prepared for a mind bending, yet simple strategy to chart an effective course for your life, your team, and your company


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