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Visionary Spotlight: Richard Shaull

He started three companies before he was 21, but within a few years, two of them almost killed him. After having partners betray him and steal from the company, getting sued, and having key managers leave, he found himself in debt, discouraged, and ready to quit.

But at his rock bottom, he had a revelation: he was the issue. His companies had outgrown his ability to manage the day-to-day. When he made the shift from playing “Chief Everything Officer” to Visionary CEO, he was able to empower an Integrator to run the main company and focus his time on fulfilling growth-focused projects, including pioneering new ventures.

His passion is to set entrepreneurs free to be visionaries. He does this primarily through his unique ability to speak and write, including his upcoming book “Chief Everything Officer” releasing from Lioncrest Publishing in 2024.

He owns and invests in multiple companies that serve this purpose including Unleashed, a fractional Integrator firm, and Adventure Capital Group, a unique family of companies providing mentorship and venture capital to 10x E-Learning Companies run by impact-driven visionaries.


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