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Visionary Spotlight: Gretchen Gordon

As a self-proclaimed sales nerd, Gretchen Gordon is not your typical sales consultant or

speaker. Sales did not come naturally to her. After a failed Girl Scout cookie sales career,

followed by a sales stint with P&G that left her questioning her career choice, she doubled down to overcome her sales fears and hesitancies and become an award-winning salesperson, sales manager and leader, by understanding the massive impact that mindset has on sales and management success.

Within the general sales community, Gordon is an award-winning sales management blogger, dynamic speaker and has been recognized repeatedly as a Top 50 Sales Influencer. She is a contributor to Top Sales Magazine, was named a Top Sales Futurist and is a contributor to Top Sales Leadership. She is a published author of several eBooks and a Top 50 rated Sales Management Blog, and she has been repeatedly recognized as a Top 50 Sales Influencer.

In her spare time, Gretchen is an avid competitive golfer and a student of performance

psychology, with a special interest in the parallels between sport and sales performance.


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