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Visionary Spotlight: Debra Sunderland

February 18, 2022 9:00-10:30am EST

Presentation Topic: Why Your Excellence is Killing You

How to Achieve the “Whole Yes” to Increase Radical Responsibility, Revenue and Results Now— and get out of stress.

Debra’s genius is creating a clear vision for CEO's and their teams -making that vision a reality. With decades of C-level executive and team coaching, Debra challenges leaders by inviting them to create a collaborative, vibrant, responsible, and joy-filled culture, which fosters highly desirable results. Her practice is shared in a diverse range of industries: hi-tech, wealth management, engineering, healthcare, marketing and more.

Debra specializes in awakening leaders to transform their upper limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, and unconscious biases, moving them into sustainable excellence and self-awareness. She coaches through the tough and uncomfortable work of removing the blockages preventing leaders from fully living their genius, equipping them with the thoughts and skills to bring their goals to fruition. She challenges leaders to own their results in all areas of life, to be present in the here and now, stepping out of leading with reactivity and into conscious leadership. The CEO's chief purpose is to raise up their teams to practice radical responsibility and curiosity. Organizations achieve their optimal outcomes when they shift out of drama and create win-for-all solutions. Working with Debra is unlike any other coaching/consulting experience - elevating your life, your joy, and your leadership! She fosters a culture of empowered leaders, in a uniquely transformative way, thus supporting her clients to truly live their genius.

Debra’s clients and their companies become the model of transformation, no matter where they are on their journey. Her clients include RMB Capital, UBS, Highland Solutions, Gamma Partners, Brindley Engineering, Esser Hayes Insurance, Mars, Inc., SESAC, PNC Bank, Nashville Public Radio, and the Nashville Lawyers’ Association for Women.

Debra has an Inner MBA from NYU. She holds a degree in Psychology from Miami University and is certified in the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, the Integrative9 Enneagram, Corporate Goal Coaching, and CTI Co-Active training. Debra’s work has been featured on Fox National/Local News, ABC, NBC, Crain’s Chicago Business, The Chicago Tribune, and Chicago Sun Times. Her base is Nashville and Chicago.

"My Genius is Seeing Yours!" ~ Debra Sunderland


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