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Strategic Partner Program

Our Strategic Partnership Program is an exclusive program designed to use the power of partnership to strengthen your offering to your clients, increase your revenue, amplify your relationships and provide your network with a partner they can trust.


Elevate your brand by having a trusted partner to help you get Visionaries to the next level 

When referring to us, you can be confident that your connections are in good hands!


At the Visionary Forum we believe in building authentic connections. This means we treat you and your connections as more than just a number. We get to know you and only recommend joining us if it's a right fit!


The key to any successful relationship is communication. Here at the Visionary Forum we keep you in the loop every step of the way when sending us your referrals. No more guessing or playing telephone!

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We are all about authentic connections and partnership

Here at the Visionary Forum, we believe authentic connection and purposeful partnership is the perfect combination to help make incredible things happen. Our Referral Partner Program was created for current TVF members, EOS Implementors and service providers who are looking to help Visionaries let go of the vine and fully step into their greatness. We sit on your side of the table to add support by combining your expertise with our team of Visionary experts. Being a Referral Partner means access to Coach Bob, our board of Visionaries and thought leaders that can help your clients and connections step into the Visionary seat and expand their businesses as a result.

How Partnering with Us Helps Your Business


We believe a rising tide raises all ships and regularly look for opportunities to connect all the amazing people in our network. This includes connecting members with other members, and connecting referral partners with members or other partners when there might be a fit!

Expand Your Reach

We regularly do in-person events for our Members, this is a prime opportunity for networking and we welcome you as a referral partner to join us. This gives you the opportunity to be in a room filled with incredible thought leaders to gain knowledge, expand your reach and find new opportunities.

Additional Support

Everyone could use a bit more support! Your connections are no different. When referring to us, you can trust that your connections are being well supported. That additional support is often the catalyst to allowing them to step into their greatness, making you the hero that got them there!

Proven Process

We have an incredible team to ensure your connections feel special and have an incredible experience. This means you can trust us with your connections and we will keep you in the loop every step of the way!

Ready to start connecting?

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