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Joe Caruso

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Founder and President, Caruso Leadership Institute

About Joe: Joe Caruso is an expert on the individual mind, the collective mind of an organization and how meaning drives our behavior and determines outcomes in all aspects of life. As an author, business advisor and speaker, Joe brings his lifetime of expertise to help organizations and leaders change the way they see themselves -- and in turn, the way they think about markets, products and services. Joe has learned this change in thinking drives new behavior and allows organizations to sharpen focus and reach greater levels of success.  

After being diagnosed with an incurable cancer when he was 18, Joe committed whatever time he had left to spending five hours a day, five days per week, studying life. He wanted to identify what he now refers to as “Simple, Common, Timeless Human Truths.” In his quest, Joe felt compelled to answer a simple, yet difficult question before he was overcome by the cancer: What is the essence of a fulfilling, successful, and happy life? Joe became one of the first people ever cured of metastasized testicular cancer. With this gift, he decided he would continue his studies, and began to collect and analyze his findings on life. 

After beating cancer, Joe founded Caruso Leadership, a firm dedicated to helping others achieve their goals while enjoying the process. Through the organization, Joe applies the simple, common, timeless human truths to leaders, teams and their employees. With the belief that businesses operate as a collective mindset, he helps organizations identify the core issues preventing business breakthroughs and optimize outcomes by encouraging all contributors to get behind a singular vision. His proven process creates change because it is based on the natural way the mind of all human beings function. 

Joe’s efforts culminated in a best-selling book and PBS special, both called The Power of Losing Control. In it, he encourages readers to "remember that the only control you really have is over yourself," and provides techniques and strategies to stop wasting valuable time and energy on what we can’t control. He also produced an audio book, The Principles of Authentic Power. 

Joe is an in-demand keynote speaker worldwide, a syndicated columnist and a sought-after business advisor. His expansive list of corporate clients includes: American Express, American Heart Association, Wells Fargo, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), Hyatt, Domino’s, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, the U.S. Navy and dozens more. Joe advises CEOs, military leaders and leadership teams on the essence of change for success, ultimately driving success for his clients. He is the only non-multi-national CEO to be invited to address the admirals and generals at the National Defense University, the nation's premier joint professional military education institution. Joe was named one of the 50 Most Influential Minds in Personal Development by Nightingale-Conant, the leader in spoken-word publications.  

Having grown up near Detroit with his parents and three brothers, Joe currently resides on an island between Michigan and Canada with his wife, Carol, who is an artist. He loves to travel and enjoys culinary arts and fine wine. For more information, please visit

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